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                NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY
                MOTHLY ISSUED
                ISSN: 1000-0976 LANGUAGE: Chinese THE FIRST ISSUE: Started in 1981 EDITING AND PUBLISHING BY: Natural Gas Industry Journal Agency PUBLISHING MODE: Paper & Online AIMS & SCOPE£ºA unique gas journal on science and technology of natural gas industry in China.
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                NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY B
                BIMONTHLY ISSUED
                ISSN: 2352-8540 LANGUAGE: English THE FIRST ISSUE: Started in 2014 EDITING AND PUBLISHING BY: Natural Gas Industry Journal Agency CO-HOSTED BY : Elsevier PUBLISHING MODE: Online AIMS & SCOPE: To balance the gap between natural gas science and engineering and act as a link between China and the world.
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                Copyright ? Natural Gas Industry Journal Agency
                Address:No.3,Sec.1,Fuqing Rd.,Chengdu,Sichuan Province 610051,P.R.China